Verna Photo  Verna D. Johnson


Hometown: Ford Heights, Illinois

Undergraduate University & Major: Illinois State University/Political Science

GCSW Degree Sought: Master of Social Work

Concentration: Macro – Political Social Work

Anticipated graduation date: May/December 2017

Classes completed/currently enrolled: Completed SOCW 6201 Foundations of Social Work, SOCW 6202 Social Work Practice, SOCW 6204 HBSE Social Work Perspectives, SOCW 6203 Social Welfare Policies and Services, SOCW 6305 Research and Knowledge Building for Social Work Practice, SOCW 6306 Social Work Practice Skills

First field placement: Center for Hearing and Speech. I work with the Family Services Coordinator in assessing family needs for children receiving speech and audiology services in regards to eligibility for cochlear implants.

Activities and/or Organizations:
• GCSW Student Ambassador

Why social work?
I choose Social Work because Social Work is a profession/discipline that promotes social justice, respect of and the dignity and inherent worth of each individual by examining the social, economic and biopsychosocial factors that impact social welfare, human behavior, and policy creation, with the purpose and intent of improving the quality of life for people.