hoi-him-lo Hoi Him Lo 

Hometown:  Hong Kong

Undergraduate University & Major: City University of Hong Kong, Social Work

GCSW Degree Sought:  MSW

Concentration: Clinical

Anticipated graduation date: May 2018

Classes completed/currently enrolled: SOCW7318 Transtheoretical: CBI, SOCW7330 Fiscal Management Budgeting, SOCW7340 Clinical Practice with child, SOCW7367 Advance Social Policy Analysis / SOCW6194 Field Practicum I, SOCW6202 Social Work Practice, SOCW6203 Social Welfare Policy and Services, SOCW6306 Social Work Practice Skills, SOCW6305 Research and Knowledge Building in Social Work Practice, SOCW6204 HBSE Social Work Perspectives

First field placement:  Jewish Family Service

Activities and/or Organizations: Vice President of Association of Asian American Social Workers, Volunteer in Star of Hope—Hope for Youth program/ College and Career Prep

Scholarships/Funding: Mehta Foundation Scholarship

Why social work?

I had a thought of being a helping profession when I was 12 years old. I discovered that I was an introverted person and shy to meet a lot of people. However, I enjoy having 1-on-1 deep talk. I am talented at listening to people. Plus, my family members always argue. I was determined to acquire skills to improve my parents’ relationship. The BSW program in Hong Kong was an eye-opening experience to me. I learned sociological and psychological theories, social work skills, and attitudes of being a good social worker. During the four-year BSW program, I participated different kinds of voluntary work and gained overseas experience. I joined an exchange program and came to GCSW in January, 2016. I was impressed by fantastic teachers, discussions in class and enthusiastic learning atmosphere, and classmates from different backgrounds. I would like to learn more about assessment and therapeutic skills. Then, I stayed in GCSW to complete the 2-year MSW program.