terranTerran Fontenot

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Undergraduate University & Major: University of Houston Downtown, Social Work

GCSW Degree Sought:  MSW

Concentration: Clinical

Anticipated graduation date: Fall 2017

Classes Currently Enrolled:

  • Evaluation of Practice
  • Transtheoretical Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
  • Assessment in Practice
  • Drugs in Society

Advanced Standing, first semester

Activities and/or Organizations: GCSW Student Ambassador

Scholarships/Funding: SHINE Scholarship

Why social work?

There are many rewards that come with being able to help and provide services to everyday people, on every level, within our communities. It is my belief that everyone is morally obligated to lend a helping hand to those in need. So many individuals depend on the services we provide to better their lives and communities. I chose social work because of the joy I experience in knowing that each day I can be a part of the solution. My Pastor always told me, we can be a part of the problem or we can take part in the solution. As an African American man from an impoverished back ground and also a disabled veteran diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I know firsthand the difference it makes in a person’s life, when they are offered the proper guidance and support.