shayugoh Shay Ugoh

Hometown:  Houston, Texas

Undergraduate University & Major: University of Houston

Major: Psychology Minor: Health

GCSW Degree Sought:  MSW

Concentration: Clinical

Anticipated graduation date: August 2018

Classes completed/currently enrolled: 

Completed Courses: Foundation, Social Work Practice, Social Welfare Policy, HBSE: Social Work Perspectives, Research, Social Work Practice Skills, Assessment in Social Work Practice, and Family Violence

Currently Enrolled Courses: DSM, and Policy Analysis

First field placement:  Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce

Second field placement: I will not start my second field placement until the spring semester of 2018.

Activities and/or Organizations: GCSW Student Ambassador and Jack & Jill of America

Scholarships/Funding: UH Alumni & Friends (2016-2017)

Why social work?

Social Work is embedded in my DNA. I thoroughly enjoy uplifting, guiding, counseling, and working with people. Enrolling in this Master’s program has made me realize that many of the trials that I have experienced in life were preparing me for social work. Besides when I am with my family at home, being in the classroom is the only time that I feel as if I 100% belong where I am.