Rodrigo Photo      Rodrigo

Hometown:  Houston, Texas

Undergraduate University & Major: University of Houston, BBA – Finance

GCSW Degree Sought:  MSW

Concentration: Clinical

Anticipated graduation date: Spring, 2017

Classes completed/currently enrolled:
Completed: Foundation, Policy, Practice Skills, Research, Assessment, Grant Writing, and HBSE.
Enrolled: BTI, Evaluation, Groups, and Advanced Policy.

First field placement:
Literacy Advance: More of a Macro placement, I learned about the efforts of the Houston Center for Literacy in supporting literacy providers in our area.  I taught classes on English as a Second Language and helped develop and deliver classes on résumés.  I also worked on needs assessments and program evaluation.

Activities and/or Organizations:
– Hispanic Student Association
– Clinical Leadership Society
– GCSW Ambassador

Why social work?
Social work lines up well with my sensibilities, and that has only been confirmed!  I knew I wanted to work in counseling with children, and I looked at the different options to achieve that goal.  The emphasis on justice – social, economic, and political – appealed to me.  Empowering clients, versus diagnosing and prescribing, is a lofty and ideal goal, in which I want to take part.

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