queen Queen Dash

Hometown:  Salem, Oregon

Undergraduate University & Major: Oregon State University – Human Development and Family Sciences option Human services

GCSW Degree Sought:  MSW

Concentration: Clinical

Anticipated graduation date: May 2018

Classes completed/currently enrolled:  Policy, Social work practice/skills, Research, HBSE, Human Sexuality, CBI, DSM, Assessment

First field placement: Houston Housing Authority – Cuney Homes

Second field placement: N/A

Activities and/or Organizations: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

Scholarships/Funding: VA education benefits

Why social work?

I want to work with the veterans and military population because I feel that they are neglected a lot of the time and aren’t helped with their needs, especially when coming back to civilization after being on duty for x amount of time. I have family members who have served and are currently serving and have had issues that were neglected or they need help with certain things and I want to be in a position to assist them as well as others. Also, I feel it is necessary for me to also give back in this capacity because the VA helps fund my schooling and I want to do a service and help them back.