Nancy Photo    Nancy George


Hometown: Houston, TX

Undergraduate University & Major: Houston Baptist University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

GCSW Degree Sought: MSW

Concentration: MACRO

Anticipated graduation date: Spring 2017

Classes completed/currently enrolled:
Completed: Foundation courses, Social work practice, Social welfare policy and services, HBSE: Social Work Perspectives, Research and Knowledge for Social Work practice.
Enrolled in: Assessment in social work practice, Bioethics: theory and application for social work, Dynamics of leadership in Social Work, Advance Social Policy Analysis.

First field placement (Field I & II): Houston Area Parkinson Society, Fall 2015-Springs 2016. Responsibilities include answering calls, helping with events such as educational programs, fundraisers and board meetings, attending support groups and therapeutic classes.

Activities and/or Organizations:
• GCSW Student Ambassador

Why social work?
I chose social work because it is a unique helping profession. Compared to other helping professions, the person-in-environment approach is distinctive and central to social work practice. Its professional values and ethics focus on social and economic justice, dignity and worth of the individual, appreciation of difference and diversity and an understanding of social welfare policy. The social work practice emphasizes the importance of improving social relationships between people. The unique aspect of social work is that the practitioners encourage the interactions to be client-led by empowering and equipping the client. The professional relationship is built on mutual participation and confidentiality. As social workers, our goal is not to simply treat the problem and quickly arrive at a solution.

We encourage the client to actively participate in the helping process by making independent decisions. Social Work is a value-based profession whose mission is based and built on a set of values that give meaning and purpose to the practitioners. These core values help protect the oppressed and promote individual well-being along with social justice. Social work stresses the importance of commitment to ethical practice. Service to humanity is the overarching theme of the social work profession. As social workers, we strive to place the needs of our client ahead of our own. Recognizing the need to assist the underprivileged and the vulnerable populations, social workers strive to be the voice for those who cannot advocate for themselves.