Mary Beth


Hometown: Newtown, CT

Undergraduate University & Major:  The Catholic University of America, Bachelor of Social Work

GCSW Degree Sought: Master of Social Work  

Concentration: Macro Concentration with Political Social Work Specialization

Anticipated graduation date: Fall 2017

Classes completed/currently enrolled: Evaluation of Social Work Practice; Social Work and Global Justice Issues; Strategies for Community Development; Assessment in Social Work Practice; Advanced Social Policy Analysis

First field placement: TBD

Second field placement: TBD

Activities and/or Organizations: GCSW Student Ambassador; GCSW Student Association; GCSW MACRO Student Network; Policy Insiders Advisory Committee

Scholarships/Funding: N/A

Why social work? Social work provides an opportunity to work toward something greater than myself. I could never be satisfied in a profession that does not allow me to use my talents and skills to make a meaningful impact on the life of another person. This profession provides the broadest range of career opportunities to achieve this. When I grow older and look back on my life, I want to know that the small steps I have taken throughout my professional career have made a profound impact on the well-being of both individuals and communities.