genny-joshi_student-ambassdor Gayatri Joshi (Genny)

Hometown:  Houston, Texas

Undergraduate University & Major: 

  • University of Houston, Bachelors of Science in Health/ Public Health with a Minor in Women Studies

GCSW Degree Sought: 

  • Master’s in Social Work


  • Clinical

Anticipated graduation date: 

  • May 2018

Classes completed/currently enrolled: 

  • 6201 – Foundations of Social Work Profession
  • 6202 -Social Work Practice
  • 6203- Social Welfare and Policies Services
  • 6204 -HBSE – Social Work Perspectives
  • 6305 – Research and Knowledge for Social Work Practice
  • 6306 – Social Work Practice Skills
  • 6194 – Field Practicum 1

First field placement:  Baylor College of Medicine Community Program –

  • Co-facilitate experiential groups
  • Participate in community committees and projects on a macro level
  • Participate and facilitate training’s/supervisions
  • Participate in research and program evaluation
  • Serve as mentors to youth through the agency

Second field placement: n/a

Activities and/or Organizations:

  • Asian American Association (Treasurer)
  • GCSW Student Ambassador

Scholarships/Funding: N/A

Why social work?

My passion for social work grew during my undergraduate year when I realized that initially along with assisting and advocating for women in domestic abuse situation I wanted to get social justice for their trauma and be the voice that they had lost. Social work is profession in which practice and knowledge combined can ultimately help the barriers that prevent oppressed, poor and vulnerable population to gain access to resources and education that enables them to empower and better their lives. Social work to me means the road to recovery in which we as social workers guide those who are and seek for the help they need.