Flor Photo    Flor Avellaneda

Email: fdavellaneda-rodriguez@uh.edu

Hometown: McGregor, TX

Undergraduate University & Major:
Baylor University, Master of Social Work
Baylor University, Bachelor of Social Work

GCSW Degree Sought: Ph.D. in Social Work

Anticipated graduation date: Spring 2019

MSW Internship: Ruth Project: Waco Immigration Services center in Waco, TX. This agency provided social services and assistance to low income individuals and families in the immigrant community.  Some of the opportunities I had for learning at this placement included the following: case management with individuals and families, serving as a community educator, engaging in immigrant rights efforts, planning and implementing community events, and contributing to agency research projects.

Classes completed/currently enrolled:
SOCW 8311 Research Methods I: Introduction to Research on Evidence-Based Social Work
SOCW 8424 Statistics and Data Analysis I
SOCW 8334 Social Welfare Policy Analysis

Activities and/or Organizations:
• GCSW Student Ambassador
• Research assistant for Dr. Robin Gearing
• Phi Alpha Honor Society

• Presidential Graduate Fellowship
• Graduate Tuition Fellowship

Why social work?
I first became interested in the social work profession as a junior in high school. I was drawn to this profession because of its emphasis on social justice and empowerment of individuals. Knowing that I could have a profession in which I could help others made it easy to choose social work as my career. I have been blessed to be able to walk alongside others as they go through their journey toward positive change. Some of my past work experiences include working as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and their families,  as an Executive Director of a parenting education program, and most recently as a full-time lecturer of social work. I believe that my profession is a life-long commitment and am excited that I will continue contributing to it through my research.