Life Balance

Gardenia Photo   By Gardenia

I remember rocking my daughter back and forth, back and forth, as I fed her and nurtured her body while attempting to nurture my brain. Once she was lulled back into her sweet sleep I continued pouring over books and wondering how to fashion my written words in such a way that they would be a true expression of everything I felt inside, each and every thought I wished to convey. The process of balancing my life had become considerably trickier since the birth of my daughter three months prior and I was tired so much of the time. I went to complete my BSW when she was just 3 months old and I started with an 18 hour semester. My husband was patient and supportive, but we were 20 and 21 with a newborn and a whole slew of responsibilities that we did not know yet how to navigate. I had to learn through trial and error how to allocate my time, how to make the most of every minute, and to just allow myself the grace to make mistakes. Balancing family, work, and graduate school requires knowing that there will be times when it feels as if there is an overwhelming amount expected from you that cannot possibly be extracted from your tired mind and body. However, there is a curious thing that occurs when it feels like there is not possibly a way in which you can press forward and excel. From within the recesses deep within self and the support of those around you there arises the drive to push forward. Having confidence in your abilities while simultaneously being vulnerable in reaching out and allowing a support network to help soothe the worry that sometimes arises and provide encouragement that is of often needed, can be key components in helping you progress in your social work journey.

Your journey is your own and the aspects of your life that you so carefully balance help create the intricate fabric of who you are and comprise the unique imprint you can make on the social work profession. How exciting to know that our lives and all we balance can be an asset in creating who we are; molding our perspective and impacting our desire to make lasting change.


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