Note to Self

Anna Johnson Photo    By Anna

The final test has been submitted on Blackboard, all of my papers have been turned in, and the graduation rehearsal has come and gone. In the midst of planning a graduation party and finding a job I’ve been reflecting on my two years at the GCSW, which right now feel like a blur. When I started in Fall 2013, I thought that I would become a clinical social worker, getting my LCSW and opening a private practice one day. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Today I am graduating with a macro concentration, having served as the Director of the M.A.C.R.O. Student Network for the past year, and looking into jobs in program management and training. Funny where life takes you, right?

I know some of you reading this are prospective students, wondering where the journey is going to take you at the GCSW. To give you an idea of what’s to come, here’s the advice I would give myself as a first-year student.

  1. Get involved…sooner!

When I began the program I was apprehensive at first about joining an organization or doing outside activities. While I think it was helpful to give myself a break and find my rhythm, I also felt that I was missing out on opportunities to enrich my grad school experience. When the announcement was made that they were seeking Ambassadors, I jumped at the chance to join. That led me to join the M.A.C.R.O. Student Network, seek a job as a Graduate Assistant, and make connections that will benefit me throughout my career. Because of my involvement with student organizations, such as Student Association, I will be introducing the speaker at this year’s Convocation Ceremony! If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t waste a second getting involved.

  1. Don’t be afraid to pursue your passion.

My first semester was spent mostly worrying about staying on the clinical track or going to macro. For so long I thought that I would be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have a private practice, but every time macro topics were mentioned in my Foundation classes my interest was piqued. It was difficult letting go of the vision I had created so long ago, but when I imagined my career after graduating, the idea of doing macro work excited me more than anything. Fortunately, I was able to combine my clinical and macro skills along the way, and because I followed my passion, the jobs I am applying to now are incredibly fascinating to me.

  1. Take time to enjoy it all.

At about the mid-point of each semester, I inevitably told someone in my life, “I just want this to be over!” Any graduate will say the same thing. Grad school takes work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Looking back I’ve done some amazing things in my classes, from advocacy projects to presentations to community stakeholders. Even in the grind, it’s so important to enjoy those moments. They will be over before you know it!

That’s my advice for any first-year or prospective students. You get out of this program what you put into it, and I suggest you take advantage of all this school has to offer.


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