Well-needed Break at Home

One of my favourite aspects of the social work profession is the importance of incorporating self-care.  Professors within the GCSW will sporadically remind us of the significance of looking after ourselves, to ensure we are able to work at our optimum.  While on the winter break, I am taking every opportunity I can to enjoy relaxing with my family and friends.

Texas is my home for most of the year, however I get to go to my homeland for Christmas and New Year.  In Scotland, we enjoy a good party and for Hogmanay (New Years Eve) and I was lucky enough to attend the Hogmanay party in Edinburgh.  It was a great experience with fireworks, music, and 75,000 people from all over the world.  While on the street I heard an assortment of accents/languages including Polish, French, Japanese, American, Australian, Chinese, and many more.  It was fantastic to experience a party in my home country that was attended by people from all over the world.

In between all the eating, gift exchanging, and reuniting there has been room for discussions.  One interesting aspect about being at home, is hearing the opinion on world issues from those experiencing it in a different country.  Throughout the year there have been a number of news headlines from Ebola, to Ferguson.  It has been refreshing discussing all the top stories from the last year with a British twist on it.  There are a few highly educated family members who enjoy sharing their opinion and it was empowering to have them value my opinion, as they were interested to hear where I was coming from.  In past times, at home, I generally kept out of the discussions but I have realised the importance of having confidence to open my mouth.

My whole time at home has allowed me to recuperate and recharge for the last year of my MSW.  I look forward to returning to Houston, but for the next couple weeks I am all about self-care with my family, no treble.

By: Lauren Emmerson


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