Global Justice Class

by Kimberly

This semester has been grueling with all the group work, internships, and papers. Although I am not quite yet in the burn unit from being burned out, the semester’s highlight has been taking the Global Justice course. This class is structured around learning about foreign affairs. We have discussed fistulas, violence, government turnovers, and human trafficking.

Some of our discussions have been very interesting. Recently we read a book titled A Force More Powerful, which was about the power of non-violence. As a future social worker, I feel like I am expected to always act non-violently; but reality has taught me that it is not always a possible response. Many people in the class feel that non-violence is always the way to go, but I on the other hand contend with the idea that it is always the best choice. There are many times where you have to present a threat toward the opposing force in order to make an impact. I am not saying that it has to always be a violent act, but most of the time violence is what shakes people up. Throughout history many dictators, leaders, and governments have used violence in order to impact a group of people in the attempt to suppress and oppress them. This leads me believe that if you want a seat at the table, you have to be willing to use the opposing force’s tactics against them.

In addition to our controversial discussions, we have the honor of being taught by Jody Williams who is a Nobel Peace Prize Recipient. When you think of Nobel Peace Prize Recipients our thoughts tend to think of gentle, sweet, holier-than-thou people. That is not what you get with Mrs. Williams. She is a firecracker who boldly and forcefully fights for what is morally right. She is very opinionated which leads the class into a deeper way of thinking. If you have not thought about taking this course I highly recommend it. Your life will be thoroughly enriched.


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