by Holly

In trying to think of how I could describe my last semester, the word “transition” immediately popped into my mind. I feel as though my time in the MSW program has been one big transition in not only learning how to see others within their environment, but also how I see myself within my environment (with its own ebb and flow of stress), and ways in which I’ve coped with the good and the not-so-good over these past two years.

The spring semester was a blur – actually, the whole dual degree year was a blur, but I’ll focus primarily on just this past semester. Over the course of about 4 months I…. excitedly attended my first SSWR conference; was granted an amazing opportunity to attend a workshop training at Duke this summer; began and completed my first IRB-approved research study on the Student Association’s Mentoring Program; planned a wedding, married my best friend, went on the most wonderful honeymoon, and moved in together; balanced work and 15 SCHs; watched a loved one suffer from something out of my control and dealt with a unique grieving process; embraced graduation, and with that, the mixed emotions of excitement because I was moving onto ONE degree but also, the sadness of goodbyes.

I really can’t put into words the gratitude I feel toward the GCSW. I’ve had some of the most wonderful experiences over my two years there and have come to cherish some beautiful memories: Cohort 2, my practice lab, Self-Care day, the NASW road trip in 2009, Turkey in 2010, my amazing Shame, Empathy & Resilience group pizza nights, SSWR in 2011 with my mentee, the incredible support from all the faculty and staff, and the connections with some of the most wonderful friends. I truly believe the incredible support, kindness and understanding I had experienced in this nurturing environment significantly contributed to this sense of resiliency and love that has helped me to move through all these transitions, and come out with a greater appreciation for this college than I already had. Thank you, GCSW, for everything you do for us :).


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