Deleting Facebook

by Abby

I decided to delete my Facebook over a period of about 6 months. It took a while to imagine my life without Facebook. It started when I realized how addicted I was to a website I didn’t agree with personally. One of the primary reasons I don’t care for Facebook is their obvious lack of respect for privacy. The recent news that applications were able to glean information such as phone numbers, home addresses and other personal information from your page was disturbing. As well as the fact that the applications that your friends use can get your personal information!

As professionals we are all acutely aware of setting boundaries and avoiding excessive self-disclosure. Facebook becomes a tricky social situation in which we must navigate the boundaries of clients and colleagues. Do we accept friend invitations from clients? Colleagues? These questions are important to think about as we begin to open up our lives over the internet.

After entering the GCSW program I personally put more effort into making a conscious decision about what to post to Facebook and who I “friended”.

To give you a glance of my Facebook usage I logged on everyday, numerous times. I had a Facebook application on my phone, and would check it numerous times when I had a free moment. I probably spent about 3-4 hours a day on Facebook. Often times if I was on the computer, I’d have numerous pages open–and always Facebook.

Initially I just wanted to delete it on principle.  I began to wonder what would it be like to be without Facebook? I’ve had one since the Fall of 2005, the semester I began college. I wondered what it would do for my study habits, my personal relationships and my social life. So on my way home from visiting friends this weekend I thought, “I’m going to delete my Facebook”. I am interested to see how my life changes as a result of opting out of the social network of the century.

I am taking this opportunity to begin more regimented study habits, get in some leisurely reading, spend more time outdoors, and regain control of my privacy.

The experiment began on January 23, 2011 and will end after I graduate on May 13, 2011. As I have only “deactivated” my account, after graduation I will decide whether I will continue to live my life Facebook free or reactivate my account.


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