Wedding Planning & Grad School

“Can I study for Applied Multivariate Statistics or DSM during the hair/makeup appointments and between bridal portrait shots?”

So, I’m trying to brainstorm some fancy advice or a little pearl of wisdom for those who are engaged and in graduate school… but I’ve learned it’s a totally different experience for everyone since absorbing lots of input, advice, and help from friends and family.

Let me put it this way: planning a big wedding is like a full time job. (Yes, people told me this too when I first became engaged and I thought they were joking! I waited until Christmas break/three months before the big day to realize they weren’t.)

As the bride (sorry ladies, this isn’t something guys really want to be involved in), you have duties to delegate (and to remember to follow up with), deadlines to determine (and stay on top of), and tasks to complete (and to make sure are completed). So 2… actually 3…  ok, maybe 4… big factors seemed to have emerged during wedding planning:

1)     I had to learn how to plan a wedding (newsflash guys: women are not born with this information downloaded in their brains and not every girl has been daydreaming of and pre-planning this day her entire life),

2)     I had to make more decisions than I am definitely used to,

3)     I had to practice patience in a way I haven’t yet been challenged to, while feeling the pressure of deadlines and checklists (thank you again Professor Lopez for your Self-Care class!), and

4)     Time management is a MUST (not that it wasn’t before though).

Still, with all the craziness, stress, happiness, running around, plethora of emotions, and above all JOY, I’ve realized how incredibly blessed I am. I have the most wonderful support system (even with 3 bridesmaids that live in 3 different states), fantastic friends, and two wonderful, unconditionally loving parents, and above all, an incredible fiancé by my side.

The engagement, emotions, premarital counseling, long talks with loved ones, registering process, picking up bridal magazines and books, setting up appointments for and choosing a venue/ DJ/ florist/ dress/ cakes/ menu/ decorations…(etc.), the excitement, invitations, bridal showers, out of town arrangements, dance lessons (don’t tell Cory I disclosed that!) 😉 … it all has been an intense roller coaster but a wonderful, beautiful, memorable, joyous one. Truly.

I just can’t wait until the big day when I can finally (hopefully!) sit back, relax, marry my best friend, and just have a blast with the people who love us.

By: Holly Oxhandler


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