It’s funny when you get to know a person in one context, how easy it is to forget that they have had other hobbies/interests/passions in their life prior to taking classes at the GCSW.  Case in point, last Saturday, December 11th the graduating class of 2011 held a fundraiser to help pay for graduation festivities in May.  Faculty, staff, students, and alumni all participated in an open mic night that showed the talent and creativity of our community outside the classroom.  Dr. Susan Robbins, who traditionally welcomes Foundation students with a blues song she wrote about the semester, performed her blues favorites to a packed house at Bohemeo’s Music, Art, Coffee house on Telephone Rd.  Several other students, PhD and Masters alike, lent their voices and helped to make this fundraiser a complete success.

It was amazing to see so many people that we interact with on a daily basis with eyes of renewed wonder at their charismatic talent.  Attached here is our own Student Ambassador, Melanie Pang, as she performs “I Will Survive.”  An apt song as we continue in our own journey of higher education and as we seek to support those people who need a little help along the way.