Dance, Laugh, and Forget the Calendar

by Felicia

Today I danced like nobody’s business. I danced away every reading assignment, every paper, every presentation, and all 240 clock hours of field placement. It is Friday, Dec. 3 and my winter break officially begins today! I welcome six weeks of bliss to be filled with back dated self-care rituals including things like sleep, proper meals, and non-academic conversations filled with laughter. This year, I will relish winter break not only because I have been waiting for it since August, but also because it will be the last time I will ever have six consecutive weeks away from any type of work or school. So, to maximize this break I have made several rules for myself.

Rule #1: Don’t Schedule ANYTHING
Earlier in the semester I wrote about time management and submitting your life to a master calendar. My calendar has ruled every hour of my life for the past 16 weeks and now it is time to lay it to rest. I am considering holding a ceremony in which I wrap my planner in plastic and bury it in the backyard for the next six weeks. From that point on, I’ll change my name from Felicia to Spontaneity!

Rule #2: Sleep without guilt
Over the next six weeks I’m going to get re-acquainted with my old friend from undergrad named “The Nap”. The Nap and I have been great friends throughout the years because I always felt better after it left. Graduate school has put a bit of a wedge between The Nap and me because anytime I try to close my eyes, I’m still thinking of what I have to do when I wake up. But no more. Over this break I will sleep until I’m simply tired of sleeping and not feel one iota of guilt behind it.

Rule #3: Laugh at Silly Things
I had a lunch meeting this afternoon with a group of graduate students from various colleges and the University’s President, Renu Khator. She asked the group to tell a bit about themselves including any hobbies we used to relax. Most people replied with playing sports or shopping. However, I had to be honest and admit that in order to shut my brain off, I watch reality TV. Go ahead and sneer, but it’s true. I don’t plan to fill my entire 6 weeks with VH1 and Bravo. However, I am going to have my fair share of baseless comedy and allow myself to be sucked into an hour or two of mindless entertainment. If not, I just might end up completely burned out.

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