Halfway There

by Chloe

“Livin’ on a Prayer” is my go-to song in the rare occasion that I find myself on the karaoke stage.  I like it because it seems to lend itself to my one to two note vocal range, and because people like to sing along to it (which then drowns out my own choppy rendition).  As I sat down to write this blog, Bon Jovi’s song came into my head because I realized that “Whooooah, [I’m] halfway there!”

Starting my third year this August means that I officially made it through past the halfway mark to graduation.  (I’m enrolled in an MSW/JD program that will take four years to complete).  I have heard from various sources that the first half of graduate school is the toughest part and once you get past the halfway point, things start to settle down.  I’m just now starting to believe that will be true.

As I reflect about my journey in the second half of grad school, I cannot help but think back to my first days at the Law Center and the GCSW.  There was so much uncertainty about the future and a lot of hard work ahead.   I could not wrap my head around the Foundation schedule and I was excited, but incredibly nervous about where I would be placed for field.

After the excitement, came work.  A lot of work.  As I lamented in my blog on self-care last spring, it became very difficult to keep my life balanced while trying to do well in school.  If I wasn’t laboring over the most obscure citation details for the law journal I worked on, I was either responding to crises with my field supervisor at Child Protective Services, or worrying about one or the other.

I made it through and now that I am starting my fifth semester.  I really do feel like I have things under control and even if I am still busy, I have gotten into the swing of things.   It is a very empowering to think about all that I have learned about the field of social work and about myself over the past two years.   I just want to send a message to all of the first years that even though it may seem overwhelming now, the next year will be a transforming one and I wish you all the best!  And if karaoke is on your self-care plan, let me know- you know what I will be singing! 🙂


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