Budewig Intermediate students visit the GCSW

by Felicia Latsonf.latson@yahoo.com
Originally posted March 5, 2010

Today, I, along with fellow GCSW Ambassadors Matt Estey and Heather Doyle, hosted students from Budewig Intermediate School and introduced them to the wonderful world of social work. I admit it was somewhat intimidating facing 76 fifth graders and trying to get them pumped up to play social work games. However, only a short time passed before the excitement of being on a college campus overtook a case of the early morning “sleepies”.

After a brief overview of the role of social workers by Heather, we split the group into three teams. Heather took her group outside to play the “Social Work Line Dance”. Here students learned about the skills that social workers use on a daily basis and had the chance to see how they too engaged in social work actions every day. Matt hosted a second group at the Graduate College of Social Work’s mural wall. The students enjoyed touching the faces in the mural and discussing how community members help one another access resources. I had the pleasure of leading a very energetic group in playing “Hula Hoops for Social Workers”. Here the students learned to work together despite their differences in order to achieve a common goal.

I felt very fortunate to have had the chance to meet such an enthusiastic and optimistic group of students. I appreciated their willingness to open themselves up to learning what social worker really do (other than “taking people’s kids” as one student stated). Thanks to Tyrone Smith of First & Goal, Inc. for arranging the visit and to the chaperones that helped transition the students through the activities. We each had a blast with the students. Many other GCSW students commented on how cool it was to see our building full of young people getting interested in what we love to do every day. I look forward to hosting more groups next year!


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